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The STORM CookKit


Accessory Cooking Pans for The STORM Kettle

The STORM CookKit expands the capability of your STORM Kettle by providing two pans for use with the STORM Kettle's heat source. The kit comprises a frying pan, a saucepan, a clip-on handle and a two-part grid that enables the pans to sit over a STORM Kettle's heat source (kettle heat source pictured is not included in the CookKit). Now you can cook a quick breakfast as well as making the tea using the same efficient heat source!

Lightweight Cooking

Ideal for those needing to travel light, but requiring to make more than just a hot drink, the combination of STORM Kettle and STORM CookKit enables quick hot meals to be produced with the bare minimum of resources. The STORM CookKit adds very little extra weight to your pack.

Using the STORM CookKit

The STORM CookKit's two piece grid fits neatly on the STORM Kettle's heat source. Additional fuel should then be added as required to heat one pan at a time. Use the clip on-on handle when boiling or frying. Transferring hot water left in the Kettle to the saucepan is the most fuel efficient way of getting the pan boiling. With a small amount of fuel and a bit of cooking ingenuity, it is surprising what you can achieve!

Quick Cooking in the Field

  • Boiling - from eggs or rice to heating tinned food
  • Poaching - fish, eggs etc.
  • Frying - sausages, bacon and other traditional campfire favourites
STORM Pan Support in use

The STORM Pan Support

This is an 'extra' for use with the CookKit. The STORM Pan Support's ring is placed on the top neck of a STORM Kettle allowing a CookKit saucepan to stand comfortably on it. Heat escaping from the Kettle's chimney is now no longer wasted, it warms the saucepan at the same time. To refuel the STORM Kettle, just remove the saucepan leaving the Pan Support in place, refuel, then replace the pan. A great time and fuel saving addition.

Please Note: Never heat your STORM Kettle without water in it, even if just using the Pan Support and CookKit.


Prices include VAT at 20% (where applicable) as of 1st January 2011.

The STORM CookKit costs only £15.75.

The STORM Pan Support costs only £6.50.

STORM Pan Support

The famous STORM Kettle - ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts
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