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The 'Triple S' Kettle

The Triple S Kettle

The Large Capacity Kettle

The Triple S Kettle, for 'Supa-STORM Stainless', was introduced to the Eydon Kettle range to meet the needs of Scout Troops and other groups who need to provide hot water for greater numbers of people at a time. Constructed from stainless steel, the Triple S Kettle is light weight for its size and should prove to be a useful container for other items when packing your kit for transport.

Manufactured from stainless steel with an all welded construction, the Triple S operates in a similar principle to the Original and Popular STORM Kettles. The capacity is in excess of nine pints, giving it three times the capacity of the Original STORM Kettle. This product is manufactured exclusively for us in China.

Dimensions / Capacities

Made from stainless steel 'Triple S'
Maximum Operating Capacity: 5.7 l
Diameter of Body: 23.0 cm
Maximum Diameter (inc. spout): 30.0 cm
Height: 42.5 cm
Weight - empty: 1 kg

We operate a policy of product development & improvement. It is our intention to make small changes to the product which will not affect the overall dimensions, or capacity.


The Triple S Kettle costs £69.00 plus P&P.

The Triple S Kettle

Prices include VAT at 20% (where applicable) as of 1st January 2011.

The famous STORM Kettle - ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts
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